Agata's Story

Agata is a jewellery designer and maker of Polish origin. Her journey with jewellery started in 2014 when her best friend introduced her to the industry. She fell for it immediately and soon jewellery making has become the passion of her life.


She started working with silver, gradually discovering and testing various techniques. In 2020, she graduated from British Academy in Jewellery in London with the Level 3 Diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture. She also completed dedicated short courses: Beginners and Intermediate Stone Setting summer course (July 2019, BAJ London), Product Photography short course (August 2020, Vanilla Ink Glasgow) and Creative Inspiration Workshop: An Introduction to Coloured Diamonds. (September 2020, the Goldsmiths' Centre).


In March 2021 Agata participated the 'Getting Started 2021' course by the Goldsmiths' Centre, which has resulted in her being selected for further spotlighting opportunity 'The Stars in the Making 2021' and the Goldsmiths' Centre annual exhibition 'SHINE 2021'.

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Agata's Craft

Agata specialises in gold and silver organic jewellery embedded with fine gemstones. Working with precious metals has allowed her to develop excellent craftsmanship skills. She likes to experiment with different types of colour surfaces on metal and textures.


Many of her works are made using the technique called 'lost wax casting'. The element is carved like a sculpture, by hand, in jeweller's wax and then cast into metal. During this process, the wax model melts away from the investment and its' place is filled with hot metal. Using this technique allows creating very intricate textures, which would be impossible to achieve in other ways.